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Closed Suction System


The only system with an integrated cleaning mechanism on the catheter

Airway Medix closed suction system keeps the endotracheal tube clear from biofilm and secretion buildup without "breaking" the ventilator circuit. A unique cleaning mechanism is comprised of simultaneous operation of fluid jets, suction and balloon wiping, maintaining a clear and clean airway during the entire period of mechanical ventilation.

Adult models available in 10, 12, 14, 16 French


Clinical Challenge

Clinical Challenge


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During mechanical ventilation, secretions accumulate in the artificial airway occluding the tube and resulting in an increased respiratory work load. In addition, the formation of microbial biofilm inside the tube likely acts as a

reservoir of pathogens causing recurrent infections.

In order to maintain the patent state of the tube, frequent cleaning is necessary and this is currently accomplished using traditional closed suction systems. These systems employ a passive catheter that cannot efficiently clear biofilm sticking to the tube walls or remove thick secretions.



Clinical Benefits

Clinical Benefits

  • ETT occlusion (240x180)Maintains full patency of the endotracheal tube
  • Supports ventilation efficiency and maintains hemodynamic stability
  • Minimizes the patient's work of breathing
  • Diminishes the number of required suction episodes
  • Decreases the need for tracheostomies and re-intubations
  • Designed to clear bacterial buildup, reducing VAP pathogenesis


The Airway Medix Advantage


  • Integrated cleaning mechanism – simultaneous employment of suction, fluid jets and wiping.
  • Can be connected to any standard endotracheal tube
  • Does not break the ventilator circuit
  • Can be used for 24 hrs
  • Available in 4 sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16 French
  • Sterile, disposable

How it works

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How it works

During the suction procedure the catheter is fed into the ETT. Once the tip of the catheter reaches the end of the ETT, the balloon is inflated, fluid jets and suction are engaged and the catheter is withdrawn. As the catheter is withdrawn the balloon wipes away the biofilm and secretions from the inner wall of the endotracheal tube maintaining a clear airway.

* For a detailed procedure description, refer to the Instructions for Use

Product Information

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Adult Models:

Airway Medix Closed Suction System Part Number Quantity
10 French Catheter MPB10F 5/Case
12 French Catheter MPB12F 5/Case
14 French Catheter MPB14F 5/Case
16 French Catheter MPB16F 5/Case